• 40mm Aggregate

  • 20mm Aggregate

  • 12mm Aggregate

  • E-sand

Engineered Granulates

  • E-Sand: A more effective, economical and premium quality replacement for natural sand.
  • E-40: 40mm cubicled engineered aggregate that helps better mix during construction is best suitable for constructions of road, railway track works etc.
  • E-20: 20mm cubicled engineered aggregate that can help in optimum mix-design and improved quality of concrete.
  • E-12: 12mm cubicled engineered aggregate that in combination with e-20 will enhance the quality and life of concrete.

Features of E-Sand

  • Eco-friendly, easy to use
  • Dimensions better than river sand
  • No screening and no wastage
  • Double washed, slit free, 100% purified
  • Better Bonding Strength with cement.