Portland Slag Cement (PSC) is a premium composite cement produced from superior quality Narzi limestone, using next generation German technology to meet international standards. Slag cement begins in an iron blast furnace. Carefully controlled amount of iron ore, along with limestone or dolomite are fed into a blast furnace and heated to 2,700°F. When molten, the iron is tapped for steel production and the slag is diverted to the granulator. Here, the slag is rapidly quenched with large quantities of water.

The process minimises crystallisation and forms granulated slag, which is composed principally of calcium aluminosilicate of lime, which has a glassy form. Formation of this glass provides slag cement with its cementitious properties. At this point, the slag possesses the consistency of fine sand. It is then dewatered and dried. Finally, the slag is ground to a fine powder and becomes slag cement, or it is inter-ground with Portland cement clinker to make a blended cement.


  • Improved Workability
  • Improved Resistance to chemical attack
  • Reduced Permeability
  • Improved Strength
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easier Finish
  • Higher Compressive and Flexural Strengths
  • Protection against Chloride and Sulphate attack
  • Reduces heat of hydration
  • Better cohesive mix
  • High Carbonation Resistance
  • Highly resistant to alkali aggregate reaction
  • Protection of Reinforcement


  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Projects
  • Dams and other mass concrete works
  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Concrete Roads and Flyovers
  • Marine Constructions
  • Pre-cast Concrete Products
  • Foundations and Pile Construction