The urban Schools are developing infrastructure & facilities, teaching patterns and skills to improve the teaching aptitudes of their teachers. On the other hand primary schools in rural areas are struggling with basic infrastructure, lack of good teachers, less wages for teachers, and lack of good academic performance of the students.

To provide quality education, DAV Vicat Vidya Mandir was set up at Kalburgi Plant. 70% of students are from neighboring villages. Digital Education classes are held for higher class students for interactive learning process. At present 250 children pursue education from LKG to VII. A similar school operates in Kadapa plant area as well

To encourage meritorious students, 4 bright students from primary and high school were awarded scholarships for higher education. The students can utilise the scholarship amount when they turn18.

Koshi Bai, Rajasekhar, Malanbee and Vijay Kumar were awarded scholarships for pursuing higher education. These meritorious students from the Government Schools of Chatrasala and Kherchkhed excel despite all odds. The scholarship amount will allow them to pursue higher education at 18 years of age.