Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a premium composite cement produced from superior quality Narzi limestone, using next generation German Technology to meet international standards. The cement is manufactured by inter-grinding high quality clinker with carefully chosen, good quality High Reactive Silica (HRS). Which is collected from Electro Static precipitators (ESP) and contains high quality gypsum.

Hydration of blended cement

Ordinary Portland Cement + Water → C-S-H Gel + Ca(OH)2 (Alkali)

High Reactive Silica(HRS) + Alkali → Secondary Gel Formation

As a result of the above secondary hydration, pore refinement takes place, making the concrete more impermeable to sulphate and chloride attacks. This makes the concrete structure more durable.


  • Low heat of hydration
  • Resistant to sulphate and chloride attacks
  • Resistance to alkali silica reaction
  • Reduction in water demand
  • Reduced bleeding due to high fineness of cement
  • Pore refinement leading to improved density of concrete


  • Mass concrete work
  • Marine works
  • Residential and commercial high rise buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Suitable for wide range of applications as a substitute for OPC