Polypropylene Bags are different from bags made from other polymers, including cellophane, polyethylene, and vinyl. Polypropylene is similar to polyethylene; however, it is better by certain characteristics, the important being - its low cost. The specific properties inherent to polypropylene give a good reason to choose it over other types of polymers, including polyethylene.


The high chemical resistance of these bags is not the only feature to favour this. Polypropylene packages have other features - the ability to protect the contents from dust and moisture, impact resistance, resistance to sliding, and high durability. They are neither subject to decay or mould and are suitable for automated processing and stacking. They keep static electricity minimised, which is very important in storing electronic goods.

Today, technology allows to produce the package in various configurations, including polypropylene bags with patch handles, adhesive tape, hang-holes, grommets, micro-punching, bottom fold, and many other handy options. The bags can combine several of the enlisted configurations in a single item.


Polypropylene bags may be one of the best branding/ advertising mediums. They are popular among consumers for being affordable and durable. Hence, companies use these for their marketing needs. The branding is done on the bags using Flexography Printing Process. Flexography is a specific printing method, which allows printing on flexible materials in full colour. It is used for printing on packaging, plastic bags, labels, etc. The flexographic images do not produce any odour after printing and is free of any solvent fumes.


Today, in all industries, polypropylene packaging is in great demand and used for packaging, transportation and storage of bulk chemicals, food products, agricultural products, and debris. Polypropylene bags are also used for packing of textiles, jewellery, printed materials (postcards, magazines), personal hygiene items, stationery, bakery products, toys etc.


  • Cost Effective
  • More Durable
  • Light Weight, Stiffer And Stronger
  • Resistant To Various Damages
  • Better Moisture Retention Properties
  • Non Negligible Spillage