This service of Help@ Bharathi, at present is available only at our Pune and Hyderabad office. Shortly we would be extending the same facility to other locations

The objective of Help@Bharathi is to work with our stakeholders by educating & empowering our end-users & influencers (Civil Engineers, Consultants and Architects) by providing them on-site advice on Good Construction Practices, value added services for building strong structures, educating and certification of unskilled/ semiskilled masons, contractors, information sharing on materials & latest technology used in construction, and providing Laboratory Facilities for concrete testing.

Educating & empowering our end-users & Influencers

To provide an interactive platform for Civil Engineers, Consultants and Architects for exchanging knowledge on cement and concrete. It also aims to promote learning of new techniques in construction field.

Update them about the potentials and possibilities of the cement industry. Help@Bharathi encompasses multiple levels of innovative and experimental formats for activities that will keep them well informed ahead of time inspiring and helping the end user make the right decision while purchasing the cement for there dream project.

Our Help Centre also provides opportunity to expand avenues of creative and participatory experiences about cement and concrete by organising interactive seminars and workshops on various topics such as:

  • Cement Manufacturing Process
  • Concrete Properties
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Workshops for Site Engineers
  • Technical Sessions for Budding Engineers

Value Added Services for Home Builder

Bharathi@Help not only takes steps or measures to educate the influencers, but it also assists the end user, who usually is a home builder by providing the following services

Construction Estimates

  • The home builder can walk into our office with the blueprint (design plan), and we provide estimation for material quantity and cost - sand, cement, aggregates, bricks, steel, tiles, labor
  • Assisting in selection of material quality - by showing the physical samples of sand, cement, aggregates and explaining different tests to be conducted to asses the material quality
  • Rate analysis based on the material quantity

Cover Blocks

  • Providing Cover blocks to Home builders while laying of slabs at no cost
  • The cover blocks are used to lift the steel reinforcement above the centering plate for the concrete to easily flow below the steel reinforcement which prevents future corrosion of steel and provides better durability to the structure

Concrete Testing and Mix Design

  • We provide Concrete Testing services for different grades of concrete, wherein our customers/ end users can send us the samples of their concrete to our lab and we validate the strength of the same
  • Also, we assist in designing suitable Concrete Mix based on the application
  • Provide Technical data, literature and latest development about cement and concrete technology
  • We have a dedicated Concrete Laboratory at our Corporate Office - Hyderabad where in customers can walk-in and have a look and get the testing done in their presence

Help@Bharathi offers

  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Construction Estimates
  • Concrete Mix Design
  • Concrete Testing Services
  • Cover Blocks services