Cement manufacturing is a resource and energy intensive process wherein various natural resources are consumed. The industry emits a good amount of CO2, affecting natural resources. The challenge is to balance the growing demand of cement and environmental implications by developing sustainable solutions for the industry.

At Vicat in India, our aim is business growth, but, reduce our environmental footprint and increase positive social impact.

We believe that environmental, economic and social considerations (Triple Bottom Line) must be a top priority in our value chain. Our sustainability strategy is based on the belief that transformational capacity of a business can be leveraged to create a significant societal value through spirit of innovation and enterprise. Vicat in India is actively involved in social development programs for villages around its manufacturing locations making a significant impact on livelihoods, health and education.

The Group focuses on finding practical ways to show respect towards environment by reducing the use of natural resources used in production and minimizing waste. We aim to be at the forefront of the drive towards a more sustainable construction industry.

Vicat in India also constantly evaluates its consumption of natural resources as well as its greenhouse gas emissions. This ongoing commitment has led in improving our sustainable footprint in the identified areas of waste management, energy reduction, water conservation, biodiversity management, afforestation and emission reduction which are relevant to the cement industry.

Being one of the responsible cement producers in India, environmental concern is an integral part of our decision making process. We constantly strive towards finding effective and responsible ways to preserve the environment.

Cement industry being one of the high risk industry and considering the business growth, we have identified Safety and made it an integral part since inception. We have made significant changes for the safety.

Both companies of Vicat in India are certified under “Integrated Management System” (ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001) which ensures implementation of health, environment and safety policy.