Social Responsibility is the foundation of our commitment to sustainable development and an integral part of our core business. Our CSR philosophy aims at contributing to social development and improvement through the appropriate use of our fundamental functions.

As a good corporate, we commit ourselves to good code of conduct and understand the expectations of a civil society and community in which we operate through investment and engagement. We are committed to build relationships based on mutual respect and trust with all the stake holders. We believe through our social responsibility, we can build the foundation for a better future of the society.


As an organization committed to highest standards of operation, Vicat in India's initiatives are primarily based on need assessment analysis wherein, we adopt a multi-pronged strategy in satisfying the basic, physiological and self-esteem needs of the community in that order. It focuses on diverse areas including infrastructure development, Healthcare & Sanitation, Education and Livelihood as identified from time to time.

All our CSR Projects are undertaken keeping in mind the CSR philosophy of the Company and in alignment with the permissible activities under the Companies Act, 2013 and rules framed under Section 135 of the said Act.


To implement the company's CSR Programmes, we have constituted CSR Committee as per the CSR framework under Companies Act 2013. The programs are steered and supervised by a CSR team. The programs are outsourced to NGOs, International NGOs and external agencies with proven domain expertise in case external intervention is required.