The villages and its denizens around Kalburgi and Kadapa Plant lacked basic health, sanitation and drinking water facilities spreading illness. Woman especially had to face a lot of issues when it came to sanitation, hence, 2 community toilets were built in Chatrasala and Kherchkhed under Kalburgi Plant.

At Kalburgi plant, a Primary Health Center was set up at Chatrasala with a dedicated doctor visiting the center each day and a gynecologist visits once a week as the nearest Primary Health Center was located in Chincholi 10 kms away. Around 200+ people visit the clinic and are benefited, also the prescribed medicines are provided at no cost.

At Kadapa Plant, an Electronic Primary Health Center (ePHC) was set up in September 2015 to attend medical needs for the 9 surrounding villages. The center aims at providing world class primary health care comprising of doctor consultations, investigations and pharmacy rendering all facilities at no cost. The center has a panel experts from Hyderabad for online consultation apart from physical doctor. So far, 4,500 patients have visited and were diagnosed.

Apart from health, safe drinking water was a perennial issue. 7 reverse osmosis safe drinking water plant were set-up in Chatrasala benefiting 7,000 villagers. Naandi Foundation manages the operations and maintenance. These RO plants also became a source of livelihood for the villagers. Awareness drives on water and sanitation are being carried out periodically

4 villages under Kadapa plant were covered under “Swachh Bharatiya” a program aligning to Government of India’s flagship Program “Swachh Bharat”. 100 toilets were constructed in Pandillapalli, Nallalingayapalli, Agasthalingayapalli and Thurakapalli villages as a pilot project. More toilets are planned in the future

Our Contributions

First of its kind of Electronic Primary Health Centre at Kadapa.

Contributing our bit to the Swachh Bharat Initiative by constructing toilets.