Vicat's success in India is due to a highly motivated and energetic team spread across 7 states and expanding our footprints continuously.

We at Vicat value our most important assets i.e. our people, those who have brought the company to what it is today thereby making cement from a Commodity to a Brand. We give great importance to provide Professional Management, a work culture that allows its members a space to learn, innovate and grow.

Spirit of “Excellence”

We believe in the spirit of “eXcellence” thereby empowering our people to take up new challenges, accept responsibilities and set their own goals and achieve them to their best and move towards excellence. Our endeavor is to nurture Individual excellence which leads to organization excellence. It gives its people the freedom to think differently, and work as a team to achieve organizational goals.

The Company which is a part of the French Group, Vicat, holding legacy of more than 150 years takes care of not only its employees but also its vendors and customers by implementing policies and systems which endures strong relations.

Vicat in India has embarked on a journey of excellence through initiatives like, Manufacturing Excellence (Udhayam & Vijayam) and Value Chain Excellence (Parivartan) through which all the employees across the organisation are engaged in a drive to excel and progress each day.

At Vicat in India, we identify talent and hone them by providing opportunities for career enhancement and leadership development.

Performance Culture

Our aim is to bring culture of performance orientation as well as aligning the employee’s performance with business objectives through “Performance Management System”. This platform gives us an opportune to acknowledge the contribution of employees for their good performance and bring in more accountability at each level in organization. An annual performance appraisal system involving self-assessment, supervisor assessment, potential and value assessment are internal frameworks deployed to cultivate a culture of meritocracy.

Performance Management System (PMS) is a vital tool to review performance and develop employees. PMS is effectively used to help set performance expectations and monitor them through interactive dialogues. The focus is on helping achieve set targets.

We feel it's a must to retain good talent, once we have identified the talent we don't spare any corners to retain them. Because having these people on board simply magnifies the progress of any organisation.

Employee Engagement

Our HR systems are aimed at employing, developing and retaining best talent through employee engagement at all levels. We strongly believe organizations success is sustainable only when it’s all employees as well as channel partners are engaged and works towards common goal. We aim at achieving culture of employee Engagement through aligning all our policies, systems and practices across functions.