The leadership believes in being open towards everyone's opinions. It could be ideas, constructive feedback or even concerns over some of management's rules or any decisions. We encourage every one in the team irrespective of their hierarchy to take the initiative and get more engaged and come up with productive ideas. Ideas are nothing but another perspective of having an opinion. Voice it with the peers and leaders, because eventually your ideas help them shape the future of the organisation.

We also believe that we must embrace a policy of being open with ideas, honest with dialogues and respectfully voicing of opinions. This leads to confidence, respect and deepens the relationship with peers and bosses. Keeping all of this in mind, we need your assistance to develop and create an ideal work environment. We need your opinions and ideas. We want you to come forward with your ideas, discuss with peers or leaders and ask them for brainstorming. This would help you and your team leader to convince the management about the ideas and how it could be helpful and beneficial for the organisation. Your ideas could be rewarding too.

If you feel that an opinion could sound otherwise, the try not to share it in public forums and keep it a more private affair. So here's a platform that lets you speak to us if you have any issues/ thoughts/ ideas and we will try and make the company and workplace better for you.

This entire exercise is completely anonymous, so don’t hide or fear voicing your opinion. Your honest opinions and suggestions are welcome to help us make ourselves the best company to work like any other MNC. This form is applicable for all Vicat entities in India.

We welcome your honest feedback, so click on the form below and share your opinions and views.