Wide variety of plants including flowering, shady, fruit bearing, forest plants etc. are grown to maintain flora and fauna. To maintain natural diversity green belts are developed inside plant premises as well as residential premises.

Major species includes Neem, Teak, Gulmohar, Pongamia, Bougainvellea, Peltoform, Cassia and Conocarpus (Dubai Tree) help keep the environment clean. In the last 4 years, both plants have developed a 30% of green belt. Both our plants are recognized for their green belt by the government agencies as well as industry peers.

At Kalburgi plant 472014 Sq. Meters area has been dedicated and developed as a Green belt and more than 113143 trees, 160000 bushes and 40000 sq feet green cover is developed. Similarly at Kadapa plant 129 Ha area been developed as a Green belt and more than 2.8 Lakh Tress have been planted in plant premises.

Green belt development at our plants is not a mere focus on planting trees but creating places which makes work atmosphere more lively, enthusiastic and changes the perception of cement industry. Some of the examples includes, Sarasika lake near packing plant, green hill developed out of waste rock dump at Kalburgi plant and rose gardens near kiln at Kadapa plant.